Parts & Accessories

The Outdoor Shoppe Sales & Rentals is proud to offer you a complete range of original parts and accessories in St. Anthony. Among others, you will find motor oil, suspension fluid, brake fluid, oil for foam filters, chain lubricant and any other fluid vital to the proper functioning of your machine.

Find a varied inventory of clothing and accessories of reliable and durable brands such as Levi clothing, Blundstone boots, Glerups slippers, Beneath, Volcon, FXR, Saleskin natural boutique and much more! Ask our team for more information!

Our parts and accessories department is proud to offer you:

  • In-store delivery and pick-up service
  • Courteous, fast and efficient staff
  • OEM parts
  • Accessories to customize your vehicle

For more information, for advice on our products or to schedule an appointment, contact our professionals. They know the inventory like the back of their hand and their goal is to find what best suits your needs.

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